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2018-06-29 | Ospedale Policlinico San Martino-Auditorium IST Nord, Largo Rosanna Benzi 10, Genoa, Italy


Brainstorming Research Assembly for Young Neuroscientists

1st Annual Scientific Meeting of the Italian Young Neuroscientists


BraYn stands for "Brainstorming Research Assembly for Young Neuroscientists", and is an initiative which aims to create a congress specifically intended for young researchers under the age of 40 working in the field of Neuroscience. The idea was conceived at the department of Neuroscience at the University of Genoa, Italy, and the congress will take place in the same city on June 29th-30th 2018. The main goal of the BraYn initiative is to organize a scientific conference attracting different laboratories from across Italy where young researchers, especially PhD students and junior postdocs, can share their knowledge, skills and ideas to establish new collaborations between different research groups.

“We believe that the first BraYn conference will boost the number of connections between laboratories across Italy, thus improving the chance for potential collaborations. At the same time, by hosting and involving neuroscientists from abroad, our goal is to make the BraYn conference a flagship event for young European researchers”.

Company of Biologists

We would like to thank the Biologists' Company for the grant of a contribution of £ 3,000.00 for the realization of the Conference.

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Ospedale Policlinico San Martino-Auditorium IST Nord, Largo Rosanna Benzi 10, Genoa, Italy
Organizing Secretary:
Symposia Organizzazione Congressi Srl
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29th June

15:30 : Registration
16:30 : Opening ceremony
16:45 : Lectio magistralis | Piero Angela, to be confirmed
17:15 : Lecture | Laura Ballerini (SISSA, Trieste). Neuronal function restoration using carbon-based nanomaterials.

17:45 : Oral presentations

18:30 : Lecture | Matthew Campbell (Smurfit Institute of Genetics, Trinity College Dublin). Regulation of the blood-brain barrier in health and neurodegenerative disease.
19:00 : Lecture | Nunzio Iraci (BIOMETEC, University of Catania). Extracellular vesicles as a novel strategy of cell-to-cell communication.
19:30 : Closing remarks

20:00 : Social dinner

30th June

9:20 : Opening session

Neurodegeneration • ORAL COMMUNICATIONS
9:30 : Oral presentations

10:15 : Coffee break 1 + Poster session (1h 30)

Neural plasticity • ORAL COMMUNICATIONS
11:45 : Oral presentations

12:30 : Lunch box with sponsor symposium (1h 30)

Neuroinflammation • ORAL COMMUNICATIONS
14:00 : Oral presentations

14:45 : Sponsor symposium (1h 30)

16:15 : Coffee break 2 + Poster session (1h)

17:15 : Round table with invited discussants | Antonio Uccelli, Laura Ballerini, Nicole Kerlero de Rosbo, Matthew Cambpell and Nunzio Iraci. Translational of animal models to clinic: the new way forward.

18:15 : Closing ceremony


Symposia Organizzazione Congressi Srl

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