Harvard Summer Program in Mind/Brain Sciences 2018

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2018-06-09 | Trento

The Harvard Summer Program in Mind/Brain Sciences is an initiative of the Harvard Mind/Brain/Behavior (MBB) Interfaculty Initiative and the Harvard Summer School in collaboration with the University of Trento. This eight-week program enrolls American and Italian students and provides a unique opportunity to study neuroscience at the Center of Mind/Brain Science (CIMeC), University of Trento.
This interdisciplinary program at the Center for Mind/Brain Sciences (CIMeC), University of Trento, Italy, provides students a unique opportunity to study the mind/brain.
Taught by neuroscientists and cognitive scientists from Harvard University, Harvard Medical School (U.S.A.), University of Southern California (U.S.A.) and University of Trento (Italy), the courses include lectures, field trips and hands-on laboratory sessions (e.g., neuroimaging demonstrations) and discussion sections. Students will also have the opportunity to participate in talks and presentations organized at the Research Centre. Students will receive course credit from the Harvard Summer School - an official transcript of their grades will be provided.
All instruction is in English. The tuition fee includes course materials, bus transportation during the program, accommodation, meals and activities. Financial Aid is available.


Harvard Summer School CIMeC, University of Trento via delle Regole, 101 38123 Mattarello (TN) - Italy

E-mail hss@cimec.unitn.it or harvardtrento@gmail.com. Website: http://events.unitn.it/en/harvard-sp2018

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