Corso: Neuroscienze

Curriculum:Neuroscienze e neurotecnologie (Codice 7765)

Coordinatore: Angelo Schenone

Temi di ricerca

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  1. Molecular determinants and of dendritic topology GABAergic postsynaptic plasticity. Tutor: Andrea Barberis;
  2. Molecular determinants of epilepsy. Tutor: Fabio Benfenati;
  3. Large-scale single neuron activity recordings for bioelectric therapeutics. Tutor: Luca Berdondini;
  4. Cellular determinants of brain circuit development and wiring. Laura Cancedda;
  5. Optogenetic modulation of gene transcription. Tutors: Fabrizia Cesca and Fabio Benfenati;,
  6. Closed-loop technologies for innovative neuroprotheses. Michela Chiappalone;
  7. Pathophysiology of neurodegeneration and cognitive impairment. Tutor: Andrea Contestabile;
  8. Role and interactions of small noncoding RNAs classes in mammalian adult neurogenesis. Tutor: Davide De Pietri Tonelli;
  9. Cellular mechanisms of perception. Tutor: Tommaso Felin;
  10. Modeling and Molecular Dynamics simulation of neuronal proteins. Tutor: Luca Maragliano;
  11. Genetics determinant of social and cognitive alterations. Tutor: Francesco Papaleo;
  12. Social/cognitive gene networks and related in vivo electrophysiological activity. Tutor: Francesco Papaleo;
  13. Functional role of the Ca2+-binding site in Synapsin I and II. Silvio Sacchetti and Fabio Benfenati;,
  14. Epigenetic control of behavioural and electrophysiological traits. Tutor: Valter Tucci;
  15. Synaptic connectivity defects in epilepsy. Tutor: Lorenzo Cingolani,

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